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What monapi

Our Anomaly API gives you Geo Location & Threat Information.
Lookup Threat Intel and Blacklists for IP and Domains, Prevent bad signups, get Geo Location & ASN Data.
Secure your Application now.

How it works

Aggregate data

We collect, analyze and process continously data from more than 400 sources.

Developer API

The aggregated data is accessible by our API and continously updated.


Use our Code Examples to get started.
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Blacklist API

Test an IPv4 Address or Domain against our aggregated database with more than 400 Blacklists and threat intelligence datasources. We update our database up to 144 times per day, achieving near real time up to date data.
Try out interactively.

    "ip": "",
    "hostname": "one.one.one.one",
    "threat_level": "low",
    "threat_class": [
    "blacklists": [
    "blacklists_list_count": "1"

      "ip": "",
      "city": "Research",
      "region": "Victoria",
      "postal": "3095",
      "country": "Australia",
      "iso_code": "AU",
      "longitude": 145.1833,
      "latitude": -37.7,
      "asn_organization": "Cloudflare Inc",
      "asn_number": 13335

Geolocation API

Returns Geolocation data for a given IPv4 Address or Domain. You can supply an IP address to lookup. The Response include all important data to pinpoint your users location. Includes Company network name and System Number.

Company API

Returns autonomous system number (ASN) data for a given IPv4 Address.
Try out interactively.

    "system_number": "13335",
    "ip": "",
    "system_organization": "Cloudflare Inc"
    "system_number": "15169",
    "ip": "",
    "system_organization": "Google LLC"

Who is using monapi

App Developers

System / Network Administrators

Security Analysts


Penetration Tester

Threat Researcher

How Customers use our IP Address & Domain API

  • Reduce undesirable signups.
  • Localize IPs and Domains
  • Identify malicious Users
  • Leverage SOC & CSIRT
  • Reduce Fraud
  • Secure Deployment Pipelines
  • Passive Breach Detection
  • Secure promotional offers
  • Malware Feed Monitoring
  • Block Traffic

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