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Blacklist Monitoring is in heavy developement and will get launched soon.
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What are Blacklists

A list of IPs and Domains that are regarded as sending spam, attacking or distributing malware. Usually blacklisted IPs or Domains are believed to be dangerous and should be blocked or avoided.

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How it works

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We monitor your assets.

We collect, analyze and process continously data from more than 400 sources.

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Get notified instantly as soon as your IP or Domain gets blacklisted.

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How Customers use our Blacklist Monitoring

  • Monitor Mail Server Reputation
  • Passive Analysis of your digital Attack Footprint
  • Protect your Customers from hacked Servers
  • Prevent SPAM
  • Delist before clients get affected
  • Keep your Network clean and secure

Who is using monapi

App Developers

System / Network Administrators

Security Analysts


Penetration Tester

Threat Researcher

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IP & Domain Blacklist Monitoring