Public Beta Test

Welcome Beta Tester

If you want to take part in our beta test please do so by signing up. After that check out the Docs and try out the service.

An easy start is to fire up your terminal and use curl.


Our main aim has been to work as fast as possible without compromising quality. But there will be bugs. Lots of bugs.

Report Bugs

Please report bugs by emailing me or using the contact form.
Submit a short Bug description and an url.

Test scope

Please use your imagination but if you need some examples see below:

  • There are Multiple API Endpoints, check the Documentation to see what lives under which URL
  • Do you understand the docs and how to proceed with the integration?
  • Test the API, easy with curl. see above
  • Check spelling mistakes
  • Sign Up and test Workflow
  • Subscribe to a monthly subscription, no worries, its in testmode so no credit card will be charged
  • unubscribe to a subscription
  • What is missing in the dasbhoard? what would you like to see if you were an active user?
  • list goes on... be creative

Credit Cards for testing:

Use Credit Cards listed under Strip test cards. During Beta Test charges will be only in test mode.


Register for a free account during our Beta will give you 50% off any tier of services for 6 months after sign up.

Remember, sign up is free. no credit card needed.

Beta ends on 09/30/2018

Thank you all for your continued support.


Our free Account gives you up to 500 requests a day!

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